Loading Monday, Wednesday afternoon in Helsinki

Car tyres, wheels to complete sets; Inter-Sprint is the largest European tire distributor. From the location in Moerdijk they transport hundreds of containers per month throughout Europe, at 1,200 tires per container. They do a large part themselves with their own fleet. But as customers demand ever faster delivery, Inter-Sprint lost some of its trade in Finland to local players. This is how Freight Frame came into the picture: super fast and reliable delivery in Finland, high service with competitive prices.

“In Finland we saw a decline in trade, that had to change”

“Whether customers are in the Netherlands, Spain or Finland. Everyone expects: ordered today, delivered tomorrow,” says Ary Wijnholst, Logistics Planner at Inter-Sprint. In the team of five planners, Ary mainly focuses on foreign planning. He talks about the challenge they had in Finland: “In Finland we saw a drop in trade. The delivery time had to be faster and faster, but faster than local traders was difficult. That’s how we lost customers. So we had to find a solution. Transporting ourselves took too long and we want to stick to our company philosophy that the cars are at home at the weekend.” Sea containers came into the picture because of the competitive prices, but that was not a solution for faster delivery times. could be a solution, says Ary, but then the focus is on price and not on delivery time. He therefore went in search of a specialized Finanland transporter.


“It was a bull's eye”

Ary Wijnholst Logistics Planner

That choice turned out to be the right one. “Freight Frame was able to offer a very fast connection; loading on Monday and unloading on Wednesday afternoon in Helsinki. At such a distance, that’s really fast!”, Ary emphasizes. But it’s not just about speed or price. Ary: “For example, loading at the agreed time, clear information about the location of the car and giving advice about the exact route. Freight Frame is very strong in this, because they are always available, helpful and they arrange urgent deliveries immediately. That works well and ensures a good relationship.”

“I honestly did not expect that they could deliver so quickly”

Inter-Sprint has the largest range in Europe with a stock of no less than 3.8 million tires! As a result, customers almost never miss out. “I thought I had a lot of knowledge, but how Freight Frame is going about it and as fast as they can deliver, I honestly didn’t expect that. They apparently have such a fast connection and changeover time that trailers never stand still.” He is genuinely surprised how Freight Frame can arrange for them to load on Monday and unload on Wednesday afternoon in Helsinki. “Apparently they also have very good drivers. I have not had a single complaint in the last 2 to 3 years”. So when asked whether he would recommend Freight Frame, he didn’t have to think twice. “When a colleague, competitor or even my wife – who also works in transport – comes with an issue about Finland or towards Lithuania, I immediately think of Freight Frame!”


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