Also in transport everything revolves around communication

From its location in Zevenberg, Pharmavit supplies vitamins, minerals and plant extracts for food supplements to customers throughout Europe. By expanding the customer base, the organization was looking for a reliable partner that supplies to Sweden and Finland, among others. Freight Frame offered the solution.

Hard transport requirements due to ISO certificate

Pharmavit’s requirements are quite strict. And that has everything to do with the ISO certifications, says Martijn de Jong, Logistics Manager at Pharmavit: “We set strict requirements for our transporters. Chemicals, unpackaged organic materials (such as flowers) and strong-smelling items (such as car tires) are examples of products that carriers are not allowed to transport in the same car. So when we expanded our customer base to Scandinavia, we were looking for a party that could meet these strict requirements.”


"At Freight Frame I always have an answer within 15 minutes."

Martijn de Jong Logistics manager

Apart from the requirements related to ISO, the most important thing remains to deliver products to the customers at the right place, at the right time. Another not unimportant quality is skilled drivers who know how to communicate. Friendly drivers who help with loading and unloading, report neatly and handle the goods carefully. In short, who really understand the profession of driver. But Martijn indicates that there is one aspect that comes first for him: communication: “Everything revolves around communication. This can be communication about the shipment, but also making agreements with, for example, loading pallets. At Freight Frame I always have an answer within 15 minutes so that we can continue immediately. This works nicely.”

“Price can never come at the expense of quality”

When asked why Martijn might change carriers, he doesn’t have to think twice. “This again has everything to do with communication in combination with many things that go wrong. Errors such as late delivery, incorrect deliveries and when communication breaks down.” He believes that you do not have to switch carriers for a lower price. “The prices of all transporters are almost the same. You can go for a new budget fighter, but then you will probably sacrifice quality. And you don’t want that.”


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